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    The history of the Club dates from 1954 when the Triumph Sports Owners Association (TSOA) was inaugurated by the Standard Triumph International Company. The Standard Triumph Automobile Association (STAA) was also formed for owners of other Standard and Triumph cars. During the 1950s and ‘60s various local branches were set up throughout the U.K. What is now Club Triumph was formed as the STAA North London Branch in 1961. In the mid-1960s the name “Standard” was dropped from the title which became the Triumph Automobile Association (TAA).

    In 1977 direct involvement of the factory ended. British Leyland changed the name from TAA to Club Triumph Limited and local branches of the TAA changed their name to Club Triumph to match the new image. BL management expressed the desire that all Triumph car club approaches to the Company should be made through Club Triumph Limited. BL continued to support CT Ltd. until the early 1980s. In 1988 it was agreed to discontinue the “Club” side of the organisation in favour of an “Association” of Triumph Clubs and the name changed to Standard and Triumph Association, in 1991 the Limited Company was dissolved.

    Following the dissolution of the Limited Company the old North London Branch, already the largest U.K. club catering for all Triumphs, began to receive membership applications from all over the country and in 1994 dropped the North London Branch from the title to become simply... Club Triumph.

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