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  • C2C 2022 - Terms and Conditions

    Club Triumph Touring Assembly Supplementary Regulations

    Announcement: The Touring Assembly known as the Club Triumph Coast 2 Coast Run 2022, organised by Club Triumph, will take place over the weekend of 25th to 26th June, starting at 19:00hrs on Saturday 25th and finishing approximately 13 hours later. The event will start at The Harbour Station, Porthmadog, LL49 9NF and finish at The Pilot Inn, Dungeness, TN29 9NJ.

    Jurisdiction: The event will be held under the General Regulations of Motorsport UK (MsUK) as a Touring Assembly, these written Supplementary Regulations (as prescribed by MsUK), any relevant and current COVID-19 regulations (as prescribed by UK Gov/MsUK) and any written or verbal Final Instructions that Club Triumph may issue for the event. A MsUK Touring Assembly Permit shall be applied for and will be available for inspection.

    Eligibility: The event is open to crews of two or more, with a minimum of two persons legally entitled to drive the vehicle. The maximum crew number shall not exceed the number of seats the car is insured for. The main entrant must be a Club Triumph member at both time of entry and the event, but crew members need not be Club Triumph members.

    Vehicles: The event is open to any model of Standard or Triumph motor vehicle or special based upon a Standard or Triumph motor vehicle. The vehicle need not be owned by the main entrant.

    Event Officials:

    • Main Event Organiser and Clerk of the Course: Chris Shaw
    • Assistant Clerk of the Course and Course Closing Car: Howard Brissenden
    • Starting Marshall Darren Sharp

    Entries and Entry List: The Entry Fee is £25.00 per vehicle. The entry list opens on the 19th February 2022 via the Club Triumph website only. The entry list closes on Friday 12th June 2022. A full refund, less a bank admin fee of £2 for UK and £15 for overseas entrants, for the withdrawal of entry will be made if received prior to 26th May 2022. After that date, any refunds will be at Club Triumph’s discretion but cannot be guaranteed. The Club reserves the right to cancel the event should 10 or fewer crews enter. In such case, all entry monies will be returned to each lead entrant. Maximum entry will be 50 vehicles. A reserve list will be operated should this number be exceeded. The Entry List will be published on the Club Triumph website.

    Final Instructions: These will be distributed electronically approximately one week before the event.

    Drivers Briefing: A briefing will be held, by electronic means if necessary, before the start of the event.

    Documentation/Scrutineering: Signing in will take place between 16:30 to 17:00hrs on Saturday 25th July at the start and may be by electronic means if so required at that time – further Supplementary Instructions will be issued if this is to be the case. Crews arriving after this time may be refused entry into the event. A disclaimer shall be signed stating that all drivers hold a valid driving licence for the car that has been entered, that the car and crew are insured for road use, and that the car is taxed as required, with a valid MoT certificate, or if MoT exempt is fully fit for use and roadworthy, as required by the Road Traffic Act and that no crew member currently has any COVID-19 symptoms.

    • It is recommended that vehicles carry a least 1 warning triangle (2 can often be much safer), a tow rope or bar, a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, a high visibility jacket for each crew member and at least 1 mobile phone.
    • Please note that any car arriving at the start with racing numbers attached will be asked to remove them but that official scrutineering will not take place.

    Objective: The objective is to drive from Porthmadog to Dungeness via the mandatory halfway halt by means of a suggested (although not mandatory) route. Do remember that the event is not a race, it is not timed and has no competitive aspect. No prizes will be awarded other than event souvenirs to those crews who successfully complete the run. Do not drive if tired, all crew members may drive the car, if legally entitled to do so.

    Costs: All expenses such as car preparation, repair, recovery, fuel, road tolls, and personal food and drink not covered by the entry fees, shall be met by the crews.

    Route, Navigation and Driving Behaviour: The route will be about 460 miles on public roads. It will be on sealed surfaces. The routes provided are suggested only and are not mandatory. Participants must at all times comply with the Road Traffic Act and with UK traffic and general laws. Routes may pass through towns and villages during the early hours when residents are asleep and want quiet. Our cars can be quite noisy so should be driven in a responsible and considerate manner at all times, minimising noise and light usage, especially when driving through residential areas. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from this and future events. Driving Standards may be observed by Club and/or MsUK officials at any point of the route. Any specific requirements such as mandatory ‘Quiet Zones’ will be notified in the Final Instructions.

    Start: The cars will leave the start as and when instructed to do so by the organisers including any Starting Marshals.

    Controls: A midway stop is arranged for all crews to take a mandatory rest at The M4 Magor Services Eastbound NP26 3YL.

    Finish: All crew members must sign in at the finish. Should you have to withdraw during the event please contact the organisers using the details supplied previously or in the Final Instructions.

    Equipment: In addition to the recommended safety equipment listed previously the following equipment will be necessary for navigation: an up to date Sat Nav system (navigation will be supplied in the form of .gpx files) and/or road atlas (spiral bound are easier to use), covering the whole of the route, map light/magnifier or ‘Potti’, soft clipboard, paper, pencils and eraser. It is advised to have both electronic and paper maps available within the vehicle. Please note that in the interests of safety and compliance with the law, electronic navigation devices shall not be driver operated unless the vehicle is stationary with the engine switched off. Such devices should be safely and securely mounted in a position not obscuring the driver’s vision.

    Meals: An evening meal is available at Spooner’s Restaurant, Harbour Station Porthmadog and breakfast is available at The Pilot Inn, Dungeness. Neither meal is included in the entry and is to be paid directly to the restaurants by the entrants. Please indicate any special dietary requirements to the restaurant when ordering your meals. The entrants must provide any other food and drink consumed before, during and after the event themselves.

    Entry: Entry and management of entry will be entirely through Club Triumph’s website. It is a requirement that entrants keep their respective personal, contact, crew and car information up to date. Failure to do so may result in an entrant missing late changes to the event due to the organisers not being able to communicate with them.

    Data Protection: Entrants are advised that information supplied on the entry form will be held on computer and will only be used for administration of the event. Entrants’ names and car details only will be posted on Club Triumph's website. Mobile phone numbers will be printed on a contact list (unless specifically requested otherwise) for organisers and entrants use whilst on the event only and issued at the start of the event. Entrants should securely dispose of this list after the event.

    Carbon Balancing: The event will be Carbon balanced through the ‘FBHVC Carbon Offset Scheme for Events’. On this occasion the additional cost for this is not passed on to entrants.

    COVID-19: The event will follow the latest MsUK COVID-19 guidance. This may (or may not) include requirements for the wearing of face masks, lateral flow testing and social distancing. As Government and MsUK advice may change between now and the date of the event, any such requirements will be updated in the Final Instructions.

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