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Meet at Farmer Johns, Streetly, Walsall, Sutton Coldfield, B74 2DX on the first Tuesday of the month from 18:00
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  2. Our new year meal will be held at Farmer Johns on Saturday 13th January, at 7pm I would appreciate you letting me know either on this forum or on our WhatsApp group - if you are on it, if you are coming along, it will also be our monthly meeting on this date instead of the first Tuesday of the month but only on this occasion. , from February it will be the usual first Tuesday. Thanks all
  3. Hi Nathaniel, I’ve sent you an email, may be a couple of cars of interest to you
  4. Welcome to the group Nathaniel, please post photo of your car and we look forward to meeting you at one of our monthly meets at Farmer Johns in Streetly on 1st Tuesday of each month 😊
  5. All booked for 13th January, thanks to Chris as I wasn’t able to make November meeting. We won’t be having the normal meeting on 2nd January as it’s the day after new year and we will combine January meet with the meal on 13th see you all in December
  6. I will be arranging our annual ‘ not the Christmas meal ‘ for Saturday 13th January. It will hopefully be held at the meeting venue, Farmer Johns, I shall discuss reserving the conservatory for this date with Ian at the next meeting on Tuesday 6th November. Hopefully he’s back then as he has been unwell. I may need to know roughly how many of us are planning to attend. See you all on 6th 😊
  7. Hi to all our new members, West Mids group activities etc will be posted here looking forward to some good days out 👍
  8. Wendy has made me join West Mids … I’m usually At everything you do as Wendy’s Partner and I will post what we are up to in Lincolnshire and shamelessly plug other Club events like the Drive it day stuff and the CT main events like the RBRR, Border Raiders , 10 Countries Run , Triumph Picnic , Home Counties Rally , Club Dinner and Coast to Coast run . All these are open to all (including members of other Clubs) as long as the main entrant is a Full CT member … so if you are not you can still use your Jalopy as long as there is a CT member in your crew . See you all soon and I’m looking forward to the … Not the Xmas meal again next year .
  9. Hi all next meeting at Farmer Johns Tuesday 7th November see you all there I’ll be arranging the new year meal, thought about holding it at the pub on Saturday 13th January. I’ll make announcement next meeting.
  10. Hi Shawn and Chris and thankyou for joining the group. I will be posting on here as well as on WhatsApp so we will all stay fully informed throughout the group. All solely CT business/events etc will be conducted on here see you next Tuesday guys x
  11. Thank you all for joining the official CT members group. Feel free to post anything about your cars or just about things in general if there’s anything in particular that you’d like then please post on the group forum.
  12. Yes thank you! Can I check where abouts in farmer Johns everyone will be sat? Thank you x
  13. Hi Danielle hope you sorted out your parking in Birmingham xxx
  14. Some of the group are coming in their Triumphs tonight as the weather is looking good 👍
  15. Next meeting at Farmer Johns on Tuesday 4th April, hoping to have finalised details for Drive it Day to Ironbridge on 23rd April see you all there about 7pm
  16. Are you meeting tonight? If so do you go in your triumphs or not at this time of year? What time are you there?
  17. Come along to Farmer Johns for our monthly meeting on the first Tuesday of each month. Please check with the event organiser before travelling.

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