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  2. It looks like @Andyone is the group organiser, but not sure he’s around here lately. Maybe @TimW can help.
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  4. Just had a look at your list of parts from McGill’s - Cracking reply 👍 I’ll be getting these on order.
  5. This was what I bought when I did my own in April 2019.
  6. And that is just about where the seat options finish. I had MX5 seats in my spitfire, and again did the frame modification and cut the seat foams down. It is probably my driving position, but even at my "correct" size of 5'8, I found myself with my eyeling being the screen frame. The "new" spit has rebuilt std seats, which I can doze in (but apparently I can do that anywhere). The MX5 seats were very comfy to snooze in.
  7. Hi Nick Yes I had heard that about the MX5 seats. Regards Bruce
  8. Same for me, I'm in Barnard Castle. I'll try and find out if the meetings have restarted.
  9. I had another battery failure. On 't Kreng this time, and the second time on that car in 25 years 🥴 https://tr7beans.blogspot.com/2021/10/another-battery-failure.html
  10. Over time I have been sourcing the brake and fuel pipes for the '76 car. Including some new tools. https://tr7beans.blogspot.com/2021/10/fhc-resto-nr-133-brake-and-fuel-pipes.html
  11. Indeed. I used Moss in Darlington through the 90's with an MGA. I'm hoping to get some proper miles in next year. If anyone can confirm the meeting status, I'll get down there... Not far from me!
  12. The paradox you have is that as a tall person, the original pattern seats are about the only ones that sit you low enough in the car. People say fit MX5 seats, but those happy with that solution will mostly be short people! I went with early Spitty 1500 seats in my GT6. That’s the vinyl ones with headrests. The head rests do come up just about high enough and with fresh foams the seats seem reasonably comfortable though I’ve not done more than 2 hours so far. My son has MX5 NA separate headrest seats in his Spit. They were way too high (look over the windscreen high). With a double foam-ectomy they are merely too high. He’s also modded the seat structure in the rear corners so they go back far enough. Better, but still some way from ideal. I’m 6’3”, he’s a couple of inches shorter though similar in the body. Nick
  13. Rob If your a shortie, your experience is not relevant to my situation. A headrest should stop your head slamming backwards if the car gets rear ended in an accident. The ones in our Stag would do that as I have Fiat Coupe seats installed. The existing ones in our GT6 most definitely would not as I am tall. On todays over crowded roads I would not want to drive a car without headrests. In my experience of using our Stag seats don't need to recline too much to get sleep but head support is a must. Cheers Bruce
  14. You need to be quick with some of them, it looks like it is all the "reference" parts that were hoarded years ago for possible later retooling, so just 1 or 2 of everything. Andwhen they are gone they are gone.
  15. Not really. As someone who's done 5 RBRRs in a Mk3 GT6 with standard seats (pre-headrest version) and the last one in a Spitfire with the GT6's passenger seat to provide reclining for the co-driver to sleep, and not found any problem doing so, it's hard for me to judge. True, I'm a shorty, which makes it easier, but my experience of a TR7 on RBRR suggests that making the seats taller will be a hindrance. For best sleep you need to be able to fully recline, and the GT6 doesn't have that much space to recline a taller seat into.
  16. Hi All The existing front seats in our GT6 Mark 3 are uncomfortable for a long journey and the headrests are virtually useless as their tops only come up to the base of my neck. With the existing seats it would be impossible to use it on an event like the C2C or RBRR as I wouldn't be able to get any sleep whilst my co driver was driving. Can anyone suggest alternative comfy seats with taller backs and headrests? I am 6ft 1" tall. Thanks Bruce
  17. Check fitchetts eBay shop. Panels galore in the big clear out. No idea if he has what you need though
  18. Parts quality didn't seem an issue back then, it was more a case of finding parts, often buying used and refurbishing as necessary. It did help that a renowned TR specialist was based at Sedgefield (Northern TR's) and Moss had a branch in Darlington. Not sure if Teeside Triumphs have restarted meeting since the pandemic. The last time I went was over two years ago, in the tr as it happens. Hopefully someone on here will be able to advise if the meet ups have restarted. I could do with getting my mojo back and getting the cars out again.
  19. That's the colour mine was originally. I can imagine the quality of parts was a lot better 30 years ago! That's the thing which caused me most concern with my restoration. It really is dire these days. You buy stuff in good faith from UK only to find its far Eastern rubbish. Looking forward to seeing yours out n about.
  20. And, a hefty skim of the head to raise compression could make shimmed rocket shaft pedastles necessary. Rather more probable than ALL the valves recessing! John
  21. I do not want to 'knock' Jon's product in any way! But an investment in a left handed tap to supplement your right hand tools will let you make your own from some tube and a pair of left and right hand threaded spherical joints. Add a large nut, welded to the outside of the tube, and the DiY result is most satisfying, as well as bespoke! No pic, I'm on my phone, but will supply if anyone wants one. John
  22. Great to see another local tr3a, it looks very good. Reminds me of my own restoration over 30 years ago and has inspired me to get it back out of hibernation and back on the road.
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  24. What a fantastic outcome to all your hard work! Nice one and welcome to Club Triumph!
  25. Woah that looks quite the restoration Colin! Welcome to the Club. Look like your nearest meet is nearby: https://www.clubtriumph.co.uk/groups/teesside-triumph/
  26. Hi. This is my TR3a. After a 3 month delay with DVLA and losing most of the summer, I have enjoyed some great rides out. Pictures show what I started with last August. I worked 7 days a week on it. I've just joined Club Triumph because I've got an interest in all Triumphs. I've had a 2000 estate, a 2500 and a Spitfire before my TR. I'm near Darlington and hoping to meet some fellow club members in due course.
  27. I may have a brand new sill (list price less a discount)
  28. I fitted John Wolfe's ARB drop links to my Vitesse, nicely made items. Not found an ARB yet without some amount of twist in it. I think there was some debate wether they were originally made with a degree of twist, either way, with the Ajustable drop links you can adjust any preload.
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