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  2. 175/70 is pretty commonly used. have that size on my GT6 Mk3 and my sons MkIV Spit on 5J steels and there’s plenty of room. Previously had the same size tyres on the Spit on 6J alloys with ET13 offset. They did have a bit too much poke and made occasional contact. The important questions are the width of your wheels and especially the offset / ET figure. Nick
  3. Hi all, Had a search but couldn't find any info so thought I'd ask. I have 175/70/13 on a Minotaur 13j wheel and the front tyre looks a little close on the front arch to point reckon it would touch under suspension compression. What size tyre is normally run on these or is this normal clearance? Thanks.
  4. Slight detour in Amble to get gellato from Spirallis... Wonder if we can re-find the route.
  5. A 3.27 diff will help a lot if you havent already got one...
  6. When photobucket changed I remember saving some images to our site. Not just some of mine but for others (using my admin or moderator power). Can not remember the details now but think the site had it own gallery behind the scenes.
  7. 1st of August today. Where will you be in two months time? Me? Having lunch in Stevenage before heading for Knebworth for the start of the 2021 Round Britain Reliability Run. See you all there. By the way, better get your engine back in the car sometime soon.
  8. mikeyb

    Paint codes

    That's a really good price, thanks!
  9. I have already done so. First is significantly shorter than a standard GT6 box but it's also considerably longer than the type9 I currently have.
  10. Fantastic route from Mick Davis as usual . Great organisation from Chris Reynolds and Mike Charlton
  11. Bearing carrier needs to be longer. Use sprint cross shaft and slave cylinder mount. You need somewhere to mount the rear of the box I welded a bit of 2mm plate between the chassis rails. I think the speedo cable was tricky, I can't remember why (it was 25 years ago!) But probably clearance to chassis Flywheel needs boring to accept the saloon/tr spigot bush. Possibly other stuff? Engine backplate? Gearstick came out in the std position. I shortened the stick All in my 2.5 vitesse.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Do look at the ratios, especially first, of any substitute box you might want to install....
  14. Maintenance update complete. That seemed quite painless, but please let us know if you spot anything amiss. Web Admin Team
  15. Hopefully it is the J type you were enquiring about on Facebook, A type much harder. May be not possible. I think the chassis mods are more if you move engine back.
  16. Just bought a ticket. Sadly won’t be taking a Triumph, but it’ll be good to catch up with you all 👍
  17. Hi nick yes the brace went across on the inside of the a and b post. The inner sill went in then. What the Stag has which the spit doesn't is the T bar.
  18. We are scheduling some website server maintenance later this evening after 10pm. The website may be unavailable or default to the standard theme. Normal business should resume shortly there after. If you have any questions, please message hello@clubtriumph.co.uk Web Admin Team
  19. Anyone know what mods I need to do, other than chassis, to get a saloon box to work in a GT6?
  20. I was hungry 😂 going to get the rad checked and wire an after market gauge up to it
  21. I note you said you had braced the door gaps - absolutely essential in my view - but does your bracing allow you refit the doors to check the fit? Also very highly desirable in my view..... On the Spit we did go to some lengths to make sure the doors could be refitted and the brace design even incorporated a jack screw so we could move things about to improve the fit - necessary in our case because the rot was bad enough that the shape of the car had been lost - but hopefully not in yours!! Nick
  22. For anyone looking for a map... https://www.clubtriumph.co.uk/groups/north-hampshire/
  23. Just great to see the line of Triumphs assembled ready for the start this morning
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