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  2. Theo, the first pic of the FHC in the snow on the 10CR, what year was that...2007?
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  4. When I did mine, I just cut the rear deck out because the donor car had been left upside down and the wings had rotted away. However, most people seem to take the top of the wings as well.
  5. Hi All,Before you lock me up and throw away the keys! The original rear tub on my convertible is beyond restoration but I have a reasonable saloon rear tub,apart from replacing the deck and bracing which I have is there anything else I should consider and where should I ideally cut the panels.
  6. Quite so. I leave this to the brave to use the bulldog clip on the VR contacts... lucas.pdf
  7. Dannyb

    Nano cloths

    As they say. If it's too good to be true. It's a con 😊 And if it did work all the body shops would be using it.
  8. Hello Tim, I`m in Surrey but that`s what my company does for a living,pm if you are interested in a quote. Regards Steve
  9. Check out the Amazon reviews Danny they look garbage. Farecla G3 is the best stuff i have found for removing scratches. If down to the metal? spraying is the only option. Tony.
  10. Yes I think you should get away with it. The manual says to do the maximum current setting with the engine at 3300rpm so being able to produce this amount of power obviously depends on sufficient dynamo speed and field current. The procedure does sound a bit hairy as you have turn all the lights on while shorting the voltage regulating contacts so the system volts will rise to whatever they want. It also says in capital letters not to turn on any other lights during the procedure as it may blow their bulbs!
  11. WIMPUS

    Spit 1500 / FOX

    Its mostly for people +18 that want to learn something in evening school or dayschool. And we also give lessons to 15 to 15 year old that work, but need to come 1 or 2 days to school each week. We give all kind of automotive classes (moderncars , oldtimer cars, metalshaping , bodywork etc etc ) Also bicycle and motorbike repair. And also like hairdressers, dog grooming, safety classes etc To much to say it all 😁 Sometimes famous CT Triumphs pass at my work to. In 2017(i think) there was a car (of Andy Cook) seen on Car Sos that came by.
  12. Hah! so what's the setup, is it an engineering college or something?
  13. WIMPUS

    Spit 1500 / FOX

    Found more pics of how bad it was...
  14. That depends very much on the mirror and how well it's been fitted. Certainly Herald bonnets are prone to joggling, which doesn't help, but the laughable ones on my old PI estate were totally due to the mirrors being knackered.
  15. I've not used that specific product but surely it all depends on the scratches! If you've got some mildly dulled patches due to scuffing then I'm sure they work wonders. As does good old T-cut or even just polish. If you've got actual scratches that go through the top coat to the primer (or beyond!) then nothing's going to work without applying more paint. A sufficiently aggressive polishing compound might rub enough pigment off the surrounding paintwork to fill the scratches but I'd be dubious as to whether the result is durable.
  16. Square or round, personal taste. What to be aware of is, according to lots of owners, ones fitted to the wings vibrate so much they are useless. I have a set fitted on the doors, they work very well. As for where to buy them - all the usual sources. What makes are best? don't know. I can't even tell you what make are fitted to my car. I think one at least is from Rimmers.
  17. Has anyone had any experience of Nano cloths and Nano spray on scratched paintwork. It says it works on all paint and looks to good to be true. Plus they are expensive. Danny
  18. Hi all. Need some advice and guidance please. What are the measurements to drill holes and fit External Wing Mirrors onto a 1970 Herald Convertible and best type SQUARE or ROUND and best place to buy the mirrors. Thanks all Rick Shaw
  19. That's great to see. A great event to have taken part in with the bonus of helping others. Good choice of names.
  20. Our tremendous effort for the Guide Dogs charity on the 2016 RBRR was sufficient to fund the training programmes for two puppies, for which we were invited to choose names. The Committee settled on 'Derek', in memory of Derek Pollock, our much missed late President and initial inspiration behind the event, and 'Triumph'. I am delighted to say that Triumph, a Golden Retriever bitch, was born on 28th October 2020 and Derek, a Black Labrador, on 7th December 2020. Both went from the Guide Dog Breeding Centre to their puppy walkers a while ago and are making excellent progress, being socialised an
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