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Wheel nuts/washers


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Quoted from RedRooster
Never heard of plastic washers on wheel nuts, whats that about?

They are on standard Spitfire MKIV, 1500 and MK3 GT6 (and maybe other) wheel nuts to hold the hub cap on.
Here is the image on Canleys...

Looking at this image, however, which I assume is from the original parts catalogue, show them with a slot i them. Perhaps I just need to cut them.

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Before cutting the washers, try pressing them on using a vise and some suitable sized socket or such. Protect the finish on the nut with a piece of plastic or soft metal over the vise jaw.

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I have tried putting the washers in hot water but not the nuts in freezer. Might give that a try.
I also through about trying the vice trick. Might have a go at the weekend. Perhaps a combination of both

Can anyone who has this type of nut/washer arrangement on their car tell me if they have a cut in them or are a full ring?

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Quick update - I managed to get them on without cutting them. I tried the nuts in the freezer over night and washers in boiling water trick but that didn't help.
So I tried the socket/vice/wood block method (whilst they they were still hot/cold) figuring that the worse that could happen would be destroying a washer, and if it split in one place it would be no worse than cutting them, but it worked perfectly with no apparent damage. I now have all 16 done and ready to go on.

Thanks for all your input (including the less helpful ones ).

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