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Just got my wheels back from the blaster, never noticed it but there are three different styles fitted to the car? One with a small gap between hub and rim, two with a larger gap and a forth with a much deeper rim. From looking at pics I think the larger gapped wheels are correct for my 1963 car and the thinner vent wheels where fitted to post 64/65 Heralds, I haven't had a chance to take the embellishers and hubs of my 68 1200 to check.  Not sure about the deeper/wider rims, 13/60 of vitesse maybe? Does anyone have a couple of older wheels for sale?(think)

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I had a similar problem when I bought 5 1/2 J wheels for my Vitesse. I found that that the two rims with the larger gaps wouldn't fit on the front because they wouldn't clear the calipers. I fitted these to the back and then hunted round for another pair of the smaller gap wheels to get a matching set.


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