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What rims fit a Herald?


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Mgf spare wheels will fit for your purposes.
They are not a space saver, but rather a full size 14" steel.
5.5j, just like the late Gt6 rims, so fit straight on. Best of all, they are really, really cheap. Nobody wants them!
They are black, but a bit of silver paint makes them look decent. Lugs can also be welded on to fit the herald hucap (with some effort)
Also mg montego, maestro and metro came in 14" stee and alloys- But harder to find now than the Mgf's

I don't know how to post photo's, but if you google mgf steel wheels they'll come up

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Ah- I forgot to mention-
If you want to fit these rims it may be necessary to change out your wheel studs to something a bit stronger. I don't know how well they fit with the standard studs.

Landrover Freelander #CLP9037L are the ones you want. Very well documented on this site, try the search engine.

And here-       http://auskellian.com/paul/links_files/upgrade_spitfire_wheel_studs.html

Really pretty easy to do and really, really worth it- even if just for peace of mind when using wide wheels.
Standard Triumph studs are pretty pathetic.    ...Ask my girlfriend. :-/

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TR7 Alloys fit.  MGF alloys fit (dunno if MGF went to Oz?).  Morris Marina are the same (weirdly!).  Rover 100, Maestro and Montego.  Dolomites/Toledo and 1300 FWD also the same but the offset is miles out.  Sprint alloys need huge spacers to work.

Changing wheel size won't necessarily help your gearing though as if you fit larger diameter wheels you have to use lower profile tyres to clear the arches, bulkhead etc and the rolling radius works out more or less the same.

If you want taller gearing you need to change the diff or add overdrive (or 5 speed).

Herald diff is 4.11:1, same as Spitfire 1 - 3 and Vitesse 1600.
Vitesse 2L, GT6 with overdrive and Mk4 Spit 1300 are 3.89:1
Spit 1500 is 3.63:1
GT6 non-overdrive is 3.27:1,

Fair range of choice.  All are interchangeable. 4.11 has different flange sizes but UJ flanges can be swapped to match.



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9016 wrote:
Thanks Nick, Guess Ill do a bit of measuring, just looking at it I thought I would have the room to get another good inch or two taller easy...?

We did get the MGF but not that common. Was it a dud?

That's why we have plenty of spares in NZ. Lots of cheap wheels over here but probably freight cost would bugger up that idea. I'd also fit Freelander studs as I did on the Spitfire.  ;D

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