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Tyres near front arches 1500 Spitfire


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Hi all,

Had a search but couldn't find any info so thought I'd ask. I have 175/70/13 on a Minotaur 13j wheel and the front tyre looks a little close on the front arch to point reckon it would touch under suspension compression. What size tyre is normally run on these or is this normal clearance? Thanks.

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175/70 is pretty commonly used. 

have that size on my GT6 Mk3 and my sons MkIV Spit on 5J steels and there’s plenty of room. Previously had the same size tyres on the Spit on 6J alloys with ET13 offset. They did have a bit too much poke and made occasional contact.

The important questions are the width of your wheels and especially the offset / ET figure.


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