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GT6 boot hatch gutter drainage?

Ben Hutchings

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Every time I look at the car there’s water collected in the bottom indented boot opening surround. Years of this have taken their toll and I have rusty patches and some bubbling which I need to deal with. 


This must be a problem for the model. Has anyone ever put internal drainage channels in these or found another way around it? (besides constant garaging which I realise is a good plan but not possible for me) 

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No, I think that sounds a very sensible plan. Mine's garaged so it's not too much of a problem but it still ends up with puddles there. Some sort of drainage would be highly beneficial.

Your only problem is going to be blockage. You're pretty restricted on the size of hole you can organise that way, and small drain holes get blocked very quickly.

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I know this is for the rear hatch but Spitfires have the same problem around the windshield.

I used a special, clear windshield sealant and ran it all around the windshield both on the inside and outside (if you get what I mean).

I then applied it in those corners on the outside, like 3-4 layers building it up.

It really was only noticeable if you looked for it IMHO.

I didn't keep the car long enough to check if it stopped rusting but I seldom saw water collect there.

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I’ve done it on mine. The boot seal lip had already dissolved in that area so we had the welder pointed at it anyway. Took some 1/2” tube, flattened one end a bit. Welded into the low spots in the corners.


bit of hosepipe on the inside


and through the boot floor


you can just see the ends sticking through, more on left than right.

Works just fine.
Not so easy to get a decent result without some fairly serious bodywork though. A large part of the rear of my car is homemade…..


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