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Oil pump questions


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I`m just about to get my mkIII spit engine back from the machine shop and am looking for an uprated oil pump. I already have a spit 1500 used pump but it is used and i guess its not really worth skimping on something as critical as the oil pump on a full rebuild.

Here are the options i have found after a bit of research:

: 1300 pump standard
: 1300 pump uprated (a lot more expensive!)
: 1500 pump (from either quiller, Rimmer or Canley)

Is the uprated 1300 pump simply a 1500 pump that they charge more for?
Will a 1500 pump fit on a mkIII and is it suitable?
Does the oil pressure relief valve require adjusting after fitting a modified pump?

I would be very gratefull for any input as I have no previous experience in this area!
Many thanks in advance,


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Somewhere there is a guide to oil pumps. If the pump rotors are unscored and look good, you can check the endfloat and if needed made some "adjustments" by lapping the end plate to remove any marks.
Just cannot remember where the info was on the net, try googling "blueprinting oil pump" or something.
Anyway the old pump is probably better than any of the repro pumps out there, lower tolerances etc etc!
And just use a std oil pressure relief valve, uprated ones increase the max oil pressure but do nothing for low pressure at all. Just make sure it fits/seals well, although that is not always easy. It may need lapping in with paste just to make sure.

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