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oil pump replacement engine insitu


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well i have been having some problems with oil pressure on my 2500engined spitfire, its not building pressure when i accelerate but when i am at the lights or at rest it builds perfectly. once you start to accelerate the oil pressure starts to go down. after a lot of consultation and messing about its been decided the oil pick up pipe is probably loose so i need to replace the pump.
  i really dont have the facilities to do a full engine removal especially as i presume it will involve removing the bonnet as well, so my question is- is it possible to remove the sump and oil pump with the engine in the car?

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its possible to remove a std 2ltr on car , thats a fiddle of lifting the engine , unplamp the rack and move it forwards, and jiggle around till the height and angle allow it to drop,
maybe a 2500 will be a tad more of a fiddle,

if the pickup pipe jams in the splash gauze then you can get spanner and fingers in thro the sump gap and undo the three bolts let the pump drop in the sump

to refit may need the gauze removing to allow sufficient fore/ aft movement ,

make sure the sump bolts into the briging block are ,not stripped and not too long and bottom out and then strip on rebuild.


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I just did this on my GT6 about a month ago due to low oil pressure and changed the oil pump, big ends, main bearings and thrust washers while I was there for good measure.

Not saying you need to go that far but worth a look while your there because you won't want to do it again in a hurry :o

If I may suggest you drain the oil and leave it for a couple of days before you remove the sump, that way (hopefully) you won't get too many drips of oil dropping in your face later.

I have a modified radiator in now but you probably need to take off the radiator hoses and you will need the front of the engine up as high as possible (I had the gearbox bell housing touching the bulkhead) and
still had to pry the sump the last little bit passed the bottom of the gearbox bell housing.

For me the worst part of the job was getting the old sump gasket off the bottom of the engine block, it was an UTTER UTTER  BASTARD. Lets just say it took a little while ;)

Top tip get the car up as high as you can (safely of course) you'll appreciate the extra room underneath.

Like I say it was a bit of a struggle but totally worth it as I now have good oil pressure 55- 60 psi mad hot at 2000rpm instead of about 25psi :o :o :o and feel a little more confident in the car for the upcoming meander around Europe.

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