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Early to later 'angled' oil pump swap

Paul Garvey

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Hi all,

I've the sump off my Mk2 Spitfire to sort an oil leak by replacing the (stripped thread) alloy oil sealing block with a machined steel one and while off I may as well replace the early oil pump to a later 1500 angled one - is this a straight swap and is there anything I should be aware of?

An angled pump will also allow me to (finally) bolt up a spare sump I have that's been baffled with a windage tray...err...2 years ago.


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I have just checked factory parts books and the Mk2 and Mk3 oil pump and sump part numbers are the same.  From this and what Jens has posted it seems you would be OK to change to the angled pump.
                                                                           All the best,

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