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GT6 Chain & Oil Pump


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Having completed my restoration of the GT6's chassis I have now turned my attention to the engine and gearbox. I have had to order a new clutch assembly however could not get hold of a 4 rivet version so have settled on the 3 rivet one (Powertrain). Hopefully it will be okay.
A couple of questions if I may:
What is the general consensus regarding changing the timing chain to a duplex one and also changing the oil pump for a later alloy one. I am considering these changes now that I have everything dismantled but am wondering if it is worth my while. Any comments/advise gratefully received. A couple of photo's of the present chain and pump attached. Thanks & Regards, Ken.

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Unless ye running v v hard valve springs, and also may have put a electic fuel pump on.
then there aint really much need to go duplex,
the 2.5 PI,s had em, cos of the extra strain the MU gave

Later oil pumps a good move, especially if ye tweeek  it a little.


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