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New water pump - some pictures.


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Hi folks. I sent for a replacement water pump for my 13/60, and it has arrived. I was interested to note the differences between the old and the new, so I thought I’d post a few pics.

The new pump is a GWP200, - made in India according to the box. Not so easy to tell from my images, but the Impeller is noticeably ‘beefed-up’ in the new pump. I wonder if that is to accommodate larger internal bearings, - just a thought.  They also appear to have abandoned the pulley securing-nut-and-woodruff-key set-up. I’m not keen to take my new pump apart but I’m still curious, - maybe there’s a club member who can enlighten me on how this GWP200 pulley is attached; is it threaded on?


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To be fair, later cars were factory supplied without the nut or grease nipple.
However, yours is rebuildable if you have the parts to do it. In fact even the pressed-on type can be rebuild if you have the tools etc.

As Mark says, worth taking yours apart and seeing what is what. Fit the replacement and maybe see if yours is savable. The replacement will not last anything like an original pump.
I recently had to rebuild the pump on my dolomite engine (very different type of pump) but in my search for parts I stumbled across a reference to the TR6 pump using the same seal as the dolomite pump. And the TR6 pump is essentially the same as the herald/spit type.
However, that info would need confirming, as it may apply to the aluminium type pumps, I really cannot remember.

Bearings and so on will be easily available from the sizes.

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I just had one fitted that looks exactly like that. I got mine from Moss. Only thing is it seems to be a bit noisy once the thrermostat opens - rattles a bit at low rpm, but only after several minuites. The old one was quiet - though it sprayed water all over and poured it out when the engine ran backwards on switch off  (seem to have cured that though).

Think it's the pump, but I did have the front oil seal and chain cover gasket done at the same time. But I'm thinking that because it's only noisy when it warms up, and because there's no change in sound for pressing on the cover with a long screwdriver, it can't be the chain on the cover - like because of a thinner gasket or somesuch.

It's done a few hundred miles now and it don't seem to be changing any, so I'm just keeping an ear on it, as it were, for now.


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Quoted from cliftyhanger
...However, yours is rebuildable if you have the parts to do it.

That's good to know. I shan't be tossing the old pump, however I'll give the replacement a try for now.

I think you've answered my question Clive, - you say these pulleys are pressed on? I believe I've heard that described (in engineering parlance) as an 'interference fit'.

Thanks for the replies.

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