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Leak from under water pump


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Hi guys,

Wondering if anyone can help?

In the last few weeks I noticed coolant in the V of the engine block. This leak has become progressively worse.
A close examination of it today revealed that the leak is coming from between the block and the housing of the water pump.( In the 1cm gap between the two. In the place you cant see. Grrrr)
Is anybody able to tell me where this leak could be coming from as the workshop manual does not provide any cross sections of this area of the motor.

Also is there any fix for this leak.

You help would be much appreciated as I am unable find any thread on this forum that can answer the question.



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The leak is from the lower water pump seal.

The hole in the block is there to allow water out before it gets past the lower oil seal and into the sump.

Sometimes these leaks cure themselves with a little bit of running, but its an expensive risk potentially involving head gasket failure if you loose too much coolant.

So its carbs and inlet manifold off to get at.

Renew seals (oil and water ) and bearing.

LD Parts do a kit - buy the good RHP bearing NOT the cheap one

Its worth looking at his modified seal kit, which uses a ceramic face - I have done this on a few TV8s with excellent results, and it only involves a little machining on the impeller - which he will get done or any local machine shop can do for a drink.

The seal tends to fail due to rust on the impeller face where the seal bears, replace the face with ceramic, no rust, no more failures

Its 2 - 4 hours work - also get the Payen inlet manifold gaskets  - these have the water channel so that poor sealing on the faces doesn't flood the engine, but again leasks into the V

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