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Wrong Water Pump...??

Rui Guimaraes

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I had a problem on my 1967 GT6 Mk1 (original) water pump with a seal leaking and I decided to change it for one that I had bought a few months ago on Rimmer's (GWP200). After installing the pump I have realized that the this pump has the pulley more distant from the pump housing and that the fan (which is the original metal one - 6 blades) hits the pulley.
Visiting Rimmer´s site I can see that they have the code GWP200 for both versions Mk1 and Mk2 and GWP201 for the version Mk3.
On Canley's the code is the same (GWP201) for all three version of the GT6.
On the pictures available is the Rimmer's web page it looks that the GWP201 is shorter and similar to the original one I had installed. Besides, the GWP200 has 4 threaded holes that look to be to fix the fan. Is this pump for Heralds and Spitfires?
Anyone has had this problem before? What should be the correct pump for the GT6 Mk1?


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