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Water pump noise


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I noticed a kind of roughness to my engine sound , so i investigated and found that there seems to be a noise coming from the waterpump area, should my waterpump be silent ? Its not really noisy but i can definetely hear it running, when i take the belt off the noise stops. Its not really loud , it doesnt sound like the water rushing through either it sounds metallic , oh and  its actually only covered about 100 miles. What do you guys think ? cheers people.

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I had this on my first Spitfire, got the pump replaced and it was fine.

I don't hear any noise on the water pump in my Spitfire, so I wouldn't consider you noise normal. Also worth checking is that the alternator teeth are all straight and not hitting anything and the same for your fan.

You may as well give it all a good look and check the alternator belt as well whilst you're in that area of the engine. I have heard that engine damage can result from a bad water pump, so you want to get it sorted as soon as you can.

Just my thoughts on the matter.

Kind regards,


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