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you talking width or circumference?

they both depend on size of pulley.

if its the latter what i do is get a piece of rope that sits comfortably in the groove,adjust the alternator to its setting nearest the block,wrap rope around all pulleys just like a normal fanbelt then mark across where both ends overlap to give you a ballpark length.

then put alternator to its furthest setting and do same.

go to halfrauds or where ever and flick through their range of belts,most belts have the circumference size printed on them,you should find one that fits between the two measurements.

this is really for non standard modifications,someone will probably have the correct belt size for you as peter mentioned. :)

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1050 is the correct size for a Mk3 - which should have an alternator.

1125 is for Mk1 & Mk2 - which presumably didn't!  

Full listings on my website - click on "weebly" link in my signature and go to "technical"

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I have used any variant between 25 and 50, its the limit of the alternator top guide fastening.
For a herald 25 is pretty much the minimum, the Alternator then sits very close to spark plug1, cylinder1, and is a pain the day you want easy access to that plug. the 50 gives your easier access, but, is also right at the limit of the alternator top guide. Needs be when needs must.. any belt is better than none at all to get you home or to the nearest belt source without watching the temperature gauge every minute, and dealing with drivers who do not understand that a Triumph can carry on, albeit slowly, without a belt at all, providing the battery is sound and one has access to some water.. or patience... hence the slow travel.

More than once, a broken belt has not stopped me...  but ive learned that, and always carry a spare now.. its better than coping with modern car drivers, who think you have no right to your road space, when you are not going the legal speed limit, but less than it.


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Once again, everybody, many many thanks for all those views.



PS: mikeyb - I looked at your fanbelt page, very good. Am I right in thinking that there is no natural running order for the HC numbers shown against the Mk1 Vitesse's ?? It seems the numbers do not follow a logical progression ??? !!!

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