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Triumph Crank Damper Pulley Survey


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I retired a while ago, and since then I've gone back to college, where I'm now studying for a degree in Motorsport Engineering.     I need a research project and chose to investigate the crank damper pulleys that Triumph fitted to all the six-cylinder engines it made.   The crank damper was needed to suppress 'torsional', twisting vibration in the long crankshafts, and has a rubber layer between the inner hub and outer ring.   They were suspect even in the day, when they were new.     Kas Kastner described in his Handbooks his technique to ensure that the outer hadn't shifted, which would make the timing marks on them completely false.      Worse, a faulty damper could lead to crankshaft failure!

Today, none of those dampers are  less than forty years old, and many show the rubber to have deteriorated.  How many still work as timing indicators, let alone to suppress crank vibration?  

My study has two parts:   In the workshop, I'm building an engine rig with sensors on the pulley and flywheel to detect vibration, and I'm asking Triumpheroes about their experiences with the dampers.   Please help me by completeing the short survey questionanire I've put up on Survey Monkey?

Go to https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/GPTCDSG    There are only five questions and it will take you less than two minutes!

Thank you!


PS I'm posting this on several websites, to catch as many people as I can but no need to complete it more than once!

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