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Acclaim Crankshaft fan pulley Bolt removal


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Hi I having great difficulty in removing the Crankshaft fan pulley bolt so that I can change the broken cam belt.
Is the  bolt standard or LH thread? i.e. Do I need to turn it clockwise counter clockwise to undo the bolt. I seam to remember that the bolt is different as the engine turns anticlockwise.
What is the best way to get this bolt undone?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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when i had my cambelt done i took it to a garage but i have took some apart before on another type vehicle the best way is to put the car into gear so the crank cant move then get a sturdy breaker bar and undo the bolt its just a standard RH thread bolt just needs a little encoragement coming off hope this helps. Tim.

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I have tried this on several occasions and met with utter refusal to undo.
1 the bolt un does anti clockwise, as opposed to the badly pronounced American version. These cars are case sensitive so be polite and english.
Remove the starter motor by extracting the two bolts, and jam a 2" bolster between the bell housing and the ring gear on the fly/converter wheel.  This works every time.
Good luck

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When I did mine, taking off the starter and jamming the fly wheel like Barry said worked.

Though was still not easy, put teh socket on the bolt, then the extension through the hole behind the wheel. Sat down, drabbed the bumper and pushed the rachet with my foot.

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There's a special tool for jamming the flywheel/drive plate. This is what I did when I had to change the broken cambelt. It only works on manual gearboxes.

Jack up the front of the car on to axle stands.
Chock the rear wheels (front and back) so the car can't move in either direction when you come to undo the crankshaft pulley bolt.
Wedge wheel ramps under the front wheels to stop them from turning.
Put the car into gear.
Undo the crankshaft pulley bolt (17mm AF normal thread) with a socket and breaker bar. It should come undone.

If you have an impact wrench this will make the job much easier and will work on Trio-matics as well.

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