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Oil leak from front pulley


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I have a 1500 engine in our Herald (hence posting this in the Spit section). I have a leak from the front of the engine and always thought it was from the sela between the sump and block. But when I looked at it at the weekend it actually coming from the seal on pulley where it goes through the timing chain . I have changed the lip seal on the timing cover twice and the finish on the pully shaft looks good so am at a bit of a loss how to stop it leaking? Any ideas?


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And what seal did you use?? I had exactly the same. Nice new seal, which didn't. Had a root about in my "autojumble buys/may come in useful" box and found a payen NOS one. When I compared it to the "repro" part it was about half the thickness, but fitted the recess on the timing cover perfectly. The spring that tensins the lip against the crank felt stronger too.
There is one on fleabay at the moment
I am pretty sure that also fits the spitfire 1500 engine, but worth a check.

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