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Crankshaft pulley key


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Yes, the later 1300FWD ("68 on) uses a parallel drive key in conjunction with a tapered nose on the crank, which means you'd also need the matching front pulley with a tapered bore. there is also a special compression washer that fits between the pulley and the cam drive sprocket.

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Thanks for the info ,I've just installed one of these cranks in my 1300 spitfire engine (FD) and wondered what the difference was .Are these parallel keys and washers available? and am I in for any surprises at the flywheel end???

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The drive key is just a piece of 3/16" x 3/16" key steel available from any good engineering suppliers or ebay. or you could try Mick Dolphin, he has the keys listed on his web site part no. 145709. I also see rimmers have the compression washers listed http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-149055

As far as I'm aware the flywheel end of the crank is the same as the spitfire but the fwd flywheel is obviously different to that of the spitfire as it has no starter ring. I do hope you are using the fwd front pulley though, it could turn out messy if you're not.

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