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13/60 engine crank pulley nut


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Hello all !

Whilst fitting a new earthing braid between the engine and chassis, I've found that my herald has decided to lose its crank pulley nut; how I've got no idea ...

Therefore I like to ask if anyone has one spare ? That your willing to send to a fellow herald owner.


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You just need to know whether it's a small crank or big crank.  All 1200 engines are small crank (small nut).  Most 1300 Heralds are also small crank but not all.  The first two letters tell you what you need to know.  GE = small crank/small nut and GK =big crank/big nut.

Spitfires up to Mk3 will use the small nut.  MkIV & 1500 large nut.  All Dolomite/Toledo large nut.  FWD cars are different altogether I think.

Engine no. info here



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