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Hello there,
A friend of mine is rebuilding his engine TR4 engine for a race event at PAU in FRance in MAY:
he is quite in a hurry !!
The Workshop who rebuild his engine 3 years ago was a robber: destroyed the block and used crap bearings, blue sealing past ... This workshop fitted the actual camshaft "M290CR or M290TR" hand engraved and HDK4 but refused to give my friend the setting instructions. And the bill was very very expensive for a such crap job.  :'( ??)

Now he removed the cams and didn't take care to note the setting in the block.
I have searched on internet and catalog: M290CR or M290TR" HDK4 and I don't find anything with this reference. It isn't KENT, PIPER, NEWCAMS ... as the references are different.

Please, may someone can help me or know who is the manufacturer of the camshaft ?  ;) ;)

Many many thanks for your help !!

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