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Hi Mk3 gt6..... Just about to order new bearings main and big end for crankshaft .... phoned Rimmers and  and gave me the codes for what i require,...Make COUNTY at approx £27 each set ,... but when checking there web site there are similar bearings and size that i want but the MAKE was ,..Glacier ,...and,... GLYCO and a lot more expensive approx double the price , ...WHATS the Differance is it the Quality....... I phone Rimmers back up but they could not give me a definate answer as to the differance but sort of came to the same conclusion as me Quality and wear durability,...Could some body confirm either way ................THANKS

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Chris Witor might still have original Vandervel bearings - but you must know size (standard, oversize etc)
Or phone Canley - they know what is available.

County - tradename for e.g. King bearings. For early spitfires there are at least two quality available: Trimetal, and standard - but you will only see it on the box. Might be the same with bearings for the 6cyl. engines.

If no vandervel - go for trimetal/heavy duty/gold seal or what ever they call it :-)

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Best ones are Vandervell VP2 tri-metal type, which is what the factory fitted.  These have not been made for a long time.  Mains are still available in some sizes from Chris Witor and Canleys I think.  Big ends turn up occasionally, usually at scary prices and in the wrong size for your crank........

Next best readily available (and I think the only other tri-metal available) are the King heavy duty tri-metal, which are often branded County "heavy duty" (beware that there are also County "standard" aluminium ones).  Some say that the King dimensions are not always quite what they should be but I've found them ok when I've used 'em.

Beyond that you have Glacier, ACL and possibly a couple of others which have aluminium based bearing surfaces.  These are rated for lower loadings but in reality should be fine for most purposes.


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Thanks for the replies ......still thinking of going for 'county'  .....yes they're the cheapest  :) but might go for 'glacier', :-/.. just need to know the differance,...will be ordering tomorrow 8) ...so any help will be very much appreciated  

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