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Crankshaft Rear oil seal


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Hi all, I've got a bit of a problem. I've just started to rebuild a 1200 engine, which had overheated and melted two pistons.
I've had the head skimmed and the block re-bored.
I've just installed the crankshaft and about to install the rear crankshaft seal/cover and dam if I can see how this is put together!
I believe I have the scroll type; the odd thing is I can’t remember seeing an oil seal on the crankshaft when I stripped it down, although it’s been a while since I did it.

I just can’t see how the oil seal fits, it doesn’t fit the rear of the cover and it’s too big to fit inside the aperture of the housing.
If I slide it on to the crankshaft surely it would just spin or would the cover pinch it in place.

Also which way round would the seal need to be facing? The face of the seal facing the engine? Or facing away from the engine?

Any help would be appreciated.

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