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crankshaft movement


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I have an 1500 dolly engine which I am hoping to fit to my Herald. But (there is always a but...) there is a bit of crankshaft end float. Got my calipers out and its around 0.5 mm, the manual says no more than 0.1 mm :((
At the moment the engine is still in the garage and I will drop the sump off over the weekend to see if the washers are badly worn or fallen out.
With this amount of movement can I just change the washers (or fit over size ones) or is this so much movement that crank/bearing are buggered....

BTW the last few days have been great weather for convertibles...

Herald 13/60, no stag now, its gone to a new home, money put aside towards Libby's  GT6.

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Well worth spending the time to wash the crud out the sump (but be aware herald and dolly sumps different but interchangable) and checking the bearings. If std thrusts are fitted I would try to get a std, and a couple of +5's, that should be enough. Cant imagine you would get a +5 and a+10 in there.
As to crank bearings have a good look at BE and mains. If worn change them now, it is so easy and do-able with  the crank in place.
Avoic the county cheap bearings. Vandervell best, apparently County do a King trimetal, or glacier/ae NOS stuff. Turns up on ebay a lot, but do check the fitted sizes first.


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