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Crank front end assembly


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Hi all,

With my persistent running issue seemingly sorted I decided to look into the occasional crunching noise I was getting at certain RPM.

Having test driven a car previously that had a failing viscous fan, this gave me a good idea of what the issue was. There was play in the fan by hand on the crank, and having dropped the rad and taken the crank bolt out, I pried the fan assembly off the crank. The play was still there, although I worry the crank nose bolt was not completely tight as I didn't fight that hard to undo it - but I was using a 1m long breaker bar...

Anyway, I have decided to fit an electric fan (probably a revotec one etc on a thermostatic switch).

Due to this I will be junking off the old fan - this means there is a section of crank that has nothing on until the bolt and the thick washer. Is it okay to run the car like this, or will I need a spacer sleeve made up to match the thickness of the fan bearing?

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