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crank journal diameter


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A  little update on my 2000 engine rebuild:

Had the various parts measured today...
Things could be much worse - think I will get away with +20 grind on the main journals (currently 0.010)
conrod bearings will retain 0.010 (I will add a new set though)

I was a bit confused to begin with - my engine comm nmbr is ME 50486HE so I was expecting the tolerances to be within the specs for a "small journal 2000 crank"

However measurements seemed to fit the large journal crank which was used from ME 86335 ?
1)  58,436/58,428  2)5 8,430/58,425  3) 58,427/58,429  4) 58,422/58,420
(to measurements pr. journal to check for ovality)

Has my engine block seen some severe machining to make this crank fit?

Bores look pretty good - in fact I hope to fit standard size flat-tops with an oversize ring (current domed pistons are standard size)

any comments on these crank journal sizes taking into account the block comm nmbr?

Daniel - rebuild novice

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