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Checking crank end float with engine in the car


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a few pointers required on doing a crank trust bearings check on a prospective purchase?, motor insitu would you still be able to get forward/arft movement from the timing belt pulley with the fan belt etc still under tension? (i cant move my pully on my covertible which is still in the car)), if someone had said they hadn't ever checked for play on a car they recently purchased, would you reckon that's a plausible over site given the nature of the trust bearing wear being significant to motor health?

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the thrusts only take on any real load when the clutch is operated, wear on this quite small component doesnt give any real clues about engines health,  just the thrust wear , doubt if low spec oil would have any great effect on the odd times this problem presents itself,  its not just a triumph design its used by many.

rattles knocking , fumes/smells  and misfire , and state of oil gives a better clue on bores bearings and general heath

and change thrusts is one of the cheapest fixes , once the sumps removed


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An easy fix yes, but the damage may already be done. I discovered my car had bad end float after I bought it so I replaced the thrust bearings. All seemed OK but the oil was knackered within a month. Turned out the end float had made the bores wear in an elongated S shape, front to back. And so my first re-bore.  :-/

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