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Crank sensor earth


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This mainly for those on EEM, but may be of intrest to others.

Some of you may no, that I been having a bit of trouble over the years with the TPS readings, fluctuating and so altering the settings,and giving slight uneven running.

Got a new Infra Red TPS, and it was even worse than the old one i took off.
sent it back to Omex, they tested it, OK
they asked for the ECU, as it may not be compatable,or a fault was there some where.
they both were ok.
So just went to put it back on this after noon, and car would no fire.
Rang Omex, and was told to look at the Crank  sensor,and connections,
Asked if it should be   earthed at the ECU end, they said YES.

well it wer,nt,and never has been, just the red lead going into the ECU, and the earth was covered by a rubber shroud. Although I wired  2 leads at the connector end, I just did no see the black at the other end, cos it were sealed up.  I had to join the red to the ECU, as per  wire diagram
And when car was first started it run. so why would one think any thing amiss !!

Over the years some times the car would no start, and a quick waggle of the connector to the crank sensor , got it going. [ those on the last roy voy will recall, i stalled just coming out the telford petrol station. and when i was about to set off from bob spits camping week end, it would no fire. ]

so put a erth on,  and all is better than it was before,
I cant see how it was actually making an earth before, as the other end is plastic covered.

one of those things that is an Enigma to me,
Any one got a plausable  idea.
here is the connector block to ECU, you will see there was no earth at all, and no where for an earth to attach too.

this one as the leads came

this one, with the cover took off today

this one new earths


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Hmmm.... been working by magic all these years  :P

My guess is that the ECU input is pretty sensitive and the as VR sensor is an inductive device producing a distinct pulse, the ECU has somehow been able to see it - albeit at the limits of its sensitivity, hence the slightly erratic nature.

I'm sure it will be alot better now the circuit is complete!


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