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Vitesse Tappets Trouble

Stu 1986

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Hello Chaps,
Firstly, I feel really stupid posting this but I am stumped. I took the rocker cover off my Vitesse Mk2 Engine yesterday to adjust the tappets as they need doing, but couldn't even get one done.

Problem I have is no spanner I have fits the lock nut on the rockers. I've tried them in both imperial and metric and nothing fits. I've tried different makes of spanner too, Britool, Teng Tools, Snap On as well as some unbranded ones. The nuts are in good shape and none are rounded, am I missing something? Is there a special sized spanner for these?

Thanks In Advance,

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Stu - first off I would always use a ring spanner on the lock nuts, just for the better location and less likely to slip and round. Although I guess you may have used an open spanner to show the size issue.

Off the top of my head the nuts look about right. What's the difference between a 1/2 and a 9/16? Will the half not fit at all and the 9/16 not even purchase?

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Quoted from Jonny-Jimbo
Although I guess you may have used an open spanner to show the size issue.

Correct! + 10 Points! 😎

A 1/2 ring spanned won't go on, a 9/16 spins around freely. a 13mm grips slightly but won't grip effectively and will ruin the nut whereas a 14mm is way too big.


As an additional the 9/16 fits the nut holding the rocker shaft down perfectly, and you can see in the photo there is a slight size difference.

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Although I should be getting ready for work, I went out and got one off using my Teng Tools Mole Grips. I'm now going to order a new set from Canleys, and hopefully they will go on with the correct tool. Best not to mess around and have the right stuff fitted.

Thanks Chaps!

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It may well be some bod,e has run a UNF tap,
thru a BSF nut, as thee,s nuts are just aboot what ye describe.

Butt, they look normal in the pics.

other optionee is as Andy says, ora Metrinch spanner.
they seem to fit evry  thing thats odd too,, inc rounded nuts
OR, tek off an fit new nuts,

Just been int shed and eda measure wid spanners, 1/2  an 13 mm on the BSF nuts on me lath

A 1/2 will ..just squeeze on, a 13 mm fits ok
butt,I got some odd BSF nuts ina oddments tin, and some of them nuts, and bolt heeds are bigger,
than them ont lathe.

Edit, been int shed alott longer than thowt, Stus posted 20 mins +ago,!!!


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Quoted from esxefi
stu you need a set of these,...

They do look good those!
Hopefully the new nuts will arrive tomorrow and I can get this 20 minute job, which is now up to about 60 hours, finished.

Also on Thursday I will be visiting my local cycle shop to have a new accelerator cable made from some high quality bike cable. Only because the brand new replacement snapped.

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Just thought I'd update you on this.

My new nuts arrived today and I was able to finally get my tappets adjusted. So I started this job at 10:00 on Sunday morning and completed it at 17:45 today, the longest 20 minute job I've ever done.

I had found in the intervening time a set of BSF spanners someone gave me, I suddenly remembered I had them as this issue ran around my head in the background. I found one the right size and got the nuts off and replaced them with the new 1/2 UNF nuts from Canleys.

Tell you what though, I'm glad I did adjust them! They really needed it, a lot quieter now!!

I've put a photo of the new nut on top of the old one. You can just about make out the old one being slightly bigger, I'd love to know what the thinking was behind using BSF nuts when it was done.  

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