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MK3 Spit Lowering Block


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While I have the diff and rear spring out on my MK3 Spitfire, is it worth putting in a 1/2" lowering block while I'm at it.

The car will only ever be used as a road car, no track days etc. At this stage I won't be making any changes to the front setup, maybe in the future but not now. So is it worth doing or am I wasting my time and money without other mods ?

If so, who sells the cheapest lowering blocks or do you get them made  ?


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Well in the summer I replaced the front dampers and springs with new ones, standard length, spec etc.

The old ones had been chopped 2" at the top, so when I'm short of something to do I could always chop the new ones down by 2" ?

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It will be best if you see how your car sits now, before deciding whether to lower the back, and by how much. Level is better than nose-up. I assume you know to move the car backwards and forwards after jacking it up, so that the suspension settles back into it's correct position?

The various trumpologists all charge similar prices for this sort of thing, as they all source them from the same manufacturers - although if you find differently, let us know.

The blocks come in 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" flavours, and maybe 1" - it's a while since I checked. It's not hard to fit a block after reassembling the car. By the time you've fitted a couple, it will seem old hat! The rear will be lowered by that amount, and even a quarter inch difference will make a noticeable difference to the ride height. And once you've fitted one, get your wheel alignment checked.

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