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Factory Block Repair?


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Seeing the post on the Herald board about cracked blocks reminded me about the Spitfire FD block that I acquired recently. However, I don't want to hijack that thread... My engine was partially stripped when I got it, I doubt it's been rebuilt ever as it has standard pistons and bearing shells and hasn't even suffered from gaudy engine paint.

Anyway, I noticed on inspecting it that there is a small weld repair to the sump flange, where you can see a brighter metal (high nickel content?). To me it looks like a good repair, but I'm a bit perplexed as to when it was done, would Triumph have repaired a block at the factory? I've heard mentions of 1500 blocks being shipped with liners... Would it be considered unwise to use this block for a slightly "hot" road engine? To me this looks like a repair to a casting flaw or void, not a crack?


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Thank you everyone for your advice, I'm less concerned about using a repaired block now.

Quoted from Gt6s
Someone has dropped that block and knocked a chunk out NOT IN THE FACTORY.

It will be fine.


I suppose that's the best explanation. It just seemed odd to me that it still has Stanpart pistons and everything standard size, but I suppose it's more than likely had new rings and shells at some point in its life.

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