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Is it leaking, scotty?
If not maybe ignore, but "drilling it out and putting a bolt in"?  How will that help?

Cast iron cannot be easily welded, unless the whole piece can be heated to near dull red heat, nigh impossible for a block.   See: http://www.lincolnelectric.com/en-gb/support/welding-how-to/Pages/welding-cast-iron-detail.aspx
"Stitching" is a repar process that is successful, but is very costly, and usually reserved for rare/irreplaceable blocks, or to restore very large ones.  
You can see why by the detail and craftsmanship shown here:



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I'd say, find another block, or engine, and rebuild.
A crack is completely unpredictable, it could let go tomorrow or stay that way for the next fifty years.

As for drilling a hole to stop the crack, good idea, but then how to fill the hole?   A bolt, yes, but the casing of the block will be much thinner away from the boss of the drain plug.    You might have only a turn or two of thread.
Sorry to be a Job's comforter!


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Hi Scotty,
                  start off with the least invasive and progress from there.

Steel putty - easy to do and if it doesn;t work go to the next step
Braze - speak to a quality welding outfit.  There are a good selection of brazing techniques out there. You do need to get the area around the crack nice and hot but not the
            whole block.

Drill it out and insert a plug (Screw) I like this idea. Often done on aircraft (certainly the old ones) The crack is telling you that it is relieving itself so a hole will do nothing to affect the block.


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Quoted from Spitfire6
Hi John,
Damm keyboard. Should have read as N-Rig, as in Naughty Rig, AKA Jury-Rig.  

Acapulco Gold?  Google & wiki helped me understand you.


If this is a hint to something you have for sale, NOT interested mate, sorry.

I would not be purveying it on here, as you will be in breach of the CT contract.
I understand that it might chill you out though, and if it harms nobody else; keep on it I say.


I could do with some acapulco gold if you have some for sale John

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