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What Engine block do I have?


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Hello there,

I thought I had a Herald (thought to be 1200) engine block, came free with my car. However I have just looked up the block number and it doesn't seem to refer to any triumph block... according to this site anyway. [Sorry, link no longer available]

Heralds seem to mostly have prefixs beginning with G and a few Ys

The engine number is CD124889HE

I want to know what I have before I sell it 😀


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Quoted from Jonny-Jimbo
Are you sure the 'C' in 'CD; isn't a badly stamped 'G'? If that is the case then you could have a Herald 12/50 engine, which block-wise I believe to be the same as the 1200 engine block.

Oopp Yes it is, I should learn to open my eyes. 😀

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Quoted from Jonny-Jimbo
Others would be able to tell more, but as I understand it, the head was the same on all 1200, 12/50 and possibly 13/60 engines too?

Certainly not 13/60! The 1200 was a six-port head, where the 1300 was eight-port.

There may be machining differences between iterations of 1200 heads and the 12/50 head (compression ratio changes?) but I think the casting is the same.

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