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2500 block Oringed????


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Ive just picked up an old 2500 motor which I thought was a junker, to rebuild as a bit of a Performance motor for my old girl, and I think ive had a huge score but something puzzles me. I got a late 2500 motor, cant tell engine number as block has been decked level with piston tops, Running a casting number 313427 cylinder head, but stamped with 219016, running double valve springs. Head has been milled I think to 3.450. Cam is a early PI, so all good so far, But and its a big BUT, the tops of the bores look like they have had an extra sealing ring or something done. There is a slight stepdown on the block surface of about 1mm and about 2mm wide all around the tops of the bores. I guess its some sort of extra sealing but just wondering what sort of gasket I would need for her now. Ive never seen this on an older motor before.

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