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Engine block colour?!?


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Hi all
Now at a stage to decide what colour to paint the engine. It's nearly super clean, would now consider eating my dinner off it.

What colour do people have?

What colour is it originally, I think it was matt black?

What about exhaust manifold, have people painted theirs to match?

Which bits should I not paint, assuming not painting the block faces for the gaskets, but what about ancillaries attach?

Any other tips on painting would be great.


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redoxideVit wrote:
I did mine BMC green because my MK 1 Mini Cooper was that colour.

I thought BMC green was lighter than that, my Sprite engine is? i won't post a picture of a non-triumph engine incase it upsets anyone. Oh and you want to re-do your linkage, you will never get them syncronised like that as each carb has a different opening arc.

For the GT6 i got some engine paint made up in the body colour, if i was doing it again i would paint it black though.

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