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engine block drain tap

daver clasper

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Hi. Thinking I ought to drain and put new coolant in vitesse mk1 2ltre. The block tap won't turn by hand (expected). Would it do any harm to try pliers etc, and heat (any rubber seal in it?). Failing that I guess, I can try and remove the the unit from the block. Also wondering if above not a goer, then could I remove top/bottom hose and start from cold for a bit and water pump would empty coolant from engine.
Any replies would be great.

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The block drain is the only way to fully empty the water jacket.  Pliers should do it.  They are brass with no rubber parts.  You may well find that you still get nothing out of it.  If so, remove the whole assembly.  If you still get no water, find a long thin screw driver and start poking!  They can be very blocked by 40+ years of crud!


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Well worth sticking a garden hose on full chat tight against the drain hole after removing the plug and making sure it is clear. revove rad hoses, and heater hoses too. Flush them all. Both directions.

Later cars do not have a tap, just a hex head plug. The whole tap assembly may unscrew... not an issue.

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Posted this info  last August
Having taken head off to find its location I was fishing down , the information refers to removing the tap assemble and pushing a rod up to clear the blockage --- then a good flush
So good luck
Up Date to my query, the drain outlet I was seeking is approx at 11 on the 12 hr clock face 23 hr on 24hr clock "top left and up" with a 5mm diameter channel when clear.

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