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Engine block drain tap thread?


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My 1600 engine had a bolt screwed into the engine block where the drain tap should have been. It wasn't fully screwed in and was surrounded by silicone sealant. I've just changed the hoses and drained and flushed my cooling system. I bought a drain tap from Paddocks, hoping to replace the bolt with this.

When I tried to screw it in, it got tight very quickly, on inspection the thread of the tap is different to the bolt thread...but only very slightly. The bolt I removed is 1/2" UNF. I wondered what the draintap thread is? I know it;'s tapered but it definately didn't feel right in the block.

I have since cut the bolt down, wrapped PTFE tape on the thread and given it a fibre washer and then srewed it fully up against the engine blocl. Works well, and I guess not too much trouble when i want to drain the system....


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