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Painting engine block

Stuart Wilson

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POR-15 make engine paints. I'm using some on my GT6 engine, and it's very nice. Thick, and with a lot of pigment in the paint. They sell colours specific to certain makes, eg Chev orange, Ford Blue, MG Green etc. Years ago I painted an engine in Hammerite and that lasted very well. Mind you, they've changed the recipe now so it may not be as good.

Whatever you use, the trick of course is to make sure the engine's totally clean and oil- free. Best to start with a hot-tanked bare block.

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Not only that, but to get it looking spot on,
will need the use of a sander, grinder, emery klof,flap wheels.
this is to get all the ruff casting marks off.
try and get block / head as smoooothe as possible.
especially the side thats seen the most.!!

I have had on mine for 25 years or moer, ordinary trade gloss pent.
its been touched up a couple of times when enginge has been to bits.
as you break the paint around the nuts / bolts.
BUT,it has never come adrift,or discoloured.  
Except where the ex manifolds are ont heed, it goes a darker red,
but did no come off.

I used Johnstones trade gloss,
trade is totally diff to retail,or DIY stuff.

If going that route, then a etch primer first, then a few coats of gloss, at least 3.
this will give it depth of colour, especially if useing reds, reds are bad at covering.

and rub doon between each coat, use a scotch pad, they great, can rapp em aroond yer finger to get into awkward spots., NO RUB, then it wont stick very weel to next coat.

What colours it going to be,!!!

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