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Decking the Block


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How do you go about determining the amount to remove off the block when decking it. I presume you have to measure each piston at TDC with a dial gauge from the surface of the block. The amount you can remove is governed by the position of the highest piston, or am I way off? Got a spare engine that I want to rebuild.


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Measuring the height of the LOWEST piston is the first step.
Then machining the rest to bring them down to the same level.
Then, and only then, can you  determine how much to take off the face of the block to make the pistons level with that.

Don't forget that the squish area in the Triumph head needs some clearance, and that rods can elongate at high revs.  About 40 thou of clearance should do it, including a head gasket thickness of about 30 thou.


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piman wrote:
Chris Witor advocated having the pistons proud of the block (I forget by how much), unusual, but I wouldn't argue with him about that?

Whilst I wouldn't argue with Chris, I personally would go for level with the top of the block.

I like to leave a little in reserve.

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