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head gasket??? which one


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In cold or even just cool weather some mayo on the cap is not really unusual on a car that does mainly shortish runs.  This is especially true on a car that breathes heavily or does not have a decent breather system with pcv valve.  It's water from the blowby condensing at the coolest point.

Is it loosing water? Are you getting discoloured oil on the dipstick?  If not there probably isn't a problem.


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im losing around 1/2litre of water over 2month of running around,no sign of water in oil,after running around it dos start to blow white(steam) then blue smoke(poss oil leak down side of valves guides),not for long few seconds then clears,,makes me think of head gasket(oil and water ways) just behind the water pump i do see dis-colouring and crud build up on copper head gasket

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little update.....ive tune it up with colortune kit and set timing at 8 degree`s,,,,been running good,still have problem with slight mis-fire then clears,sometime light blue puff then clears and spark plug are biscuit colour and cream on oil filler cap still after deep clean
am i missing something?  
here`s a picture of my sparks (far left no1 cyl)

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1147 wrote:
4th from the left is a resistor plug which won't help things out.Just  a thought.

how can you tell?   these where bought from good triumph shop,i was told these are the better manufactured version japan not france,does that matter?
still puffing blue on start up when hot(normal running temp)no blue smoke when cold :-/ so i can only think of oil leaking down the side of the valves when oil is hot and thin
steaming has stop`d,seams like rain might be getting in tail box and steam cos of the exhaust heat(fingers crossed)

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