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wtd-- head gasket


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Quoted from nicmk1est
just had enough of it,,,i got a better chance of selling it in parts then getting a fair price that il take for it,,,its one of those dreeded decision i got to make

don't take this wrong way but you won't get that much if broke as is mate.
PLus it be shame lose a PFL estate..............................

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Yes - in fact any early Mk2 NOS gasket can be used on a Mk1 but you need to punch a few holes in it for waterways. Use the old one as a template and make sure you centre it over the bore centres ( I used bigger studs so it self centralised) They are much better at not blowing I found

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I lost my last (precious) copper gasket when it did not troque down cleanly (gutted)

Found it had bound very slightly on the studs and It filled the sump with coolant in about 30 seconds after it started. Everything seemed to torque up OK.

I would take out all the studs and clean them on the wire wheel on the grinder, also get a straight edge on the block whilst the studs are out and also on the head.

You may find the stud holes have pulled up slightly or something.



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Ive never seen a copper gasket for the 6.
Butt, my Marra has a copper gasket on his  Alvis.

he never bought  a new one, just ...acquires spares, just incase,!!

all he ever does is to re heat the gasket with a blow torch,then quench it.
and its as good as new.

Maybe worth thinking aboot.


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