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Head Gasket - I think


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Hi there, looking for some advise, and maybe an engine!

My acclaim has been loosing power recently, mainly it was due to poor timing, but i fear i have caused damage. Because it had lost power, i have been compensating by over revving, ALOT, and now i think i have blown the head gasket. I didn't have time to sort out the timing, but now its sorted, the power was restored, but now its slowing going. I have white sludge on the oil filler and brown sludge in the header tank. I have 82k miles,   I will try a compression test, and see is there is loss of compression, i think there probably is.

I don't really want to change the head gasket if i will have the same problem re-occurring. Also when i had timing issues, it would stall below 1500rpm, and to compensate from that i had been slipping the clutch, and now its back to normal, the clutch is showing signs of wear.  I have taken the engin out before, to clear a blocked oil strainer, and I know i can do that easily, so my thinking is, source a new engine, preferably low miles, from a rust bucket, and change the clutch before putting the new engine in, and sell the rusty shell and old engine to Mr Scrap Man.

Any ideas?

I am a uni student, so have plenty of time, but only at Christmas, and easter, any other time i have no time, hence why i didn't fix the timing before i caused all the issues.

Also does any one have an engine they wish to depart with? Or andy, do you still have the number of the gent who wanted the rear windscreen from me, as he decided to scrap his car as the mot was nearly up and it was rusty. He told me he only had 30k miles on his engine, so would be a perfect match!

P.S. can I use an engine from tri box car with a manual box?

Thanks in advance

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Whereabouts are you? I have a decent engine and gearbox in Wiltshire, I had it running nicely before taking it out of the very rotten donor car earlier this year. Mileage was about 90,000 from memory.
Let me know if you're interested. I am selling my own Acclaim so there's little point in hanging onto the hoarded spares,

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