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KE11376HE Head Gasket


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I just bought a Vitesse with a replacement engine.
The guy was selling because the exhaust steamed all the time, and water was getting into the oil. He thought it was a cracked block, as he's had the head pressure tested.
Having looked up the engine number I think it's from a GT6, and should have recessed bores.
I think the gasket should have a tag/tab, but I dont know if this is visible with the head on, where it should be, or indeed what it looks like.
I cant see anything that looks right, but as I say I dont know what to look for.
Does anyone know if I should have a tabbed gasket & where to look to see if the wrong one is fitted.
I'd like to diagnose before I start work, if at all possible

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There are two gaskets available for Mk 2 engines.
Prior to 1973 used a flat face on the block after that recessed at the bores, the head gasket for later block identifiable by tab at back of the block. No tab suggests wrong gasket fitted.

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