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Head Gasket and engine fixing


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Hi everybody,

I had some problems on my Spitty MkIV 1300 from 72' that I recently bought. The engine was running a bit rough so when taking a look of it, I have taken the head off and I found some big problems. The gasket is not sealing properly and I notice that it doesn't look the proper gasket for my engine. I do not have a flat engine block but the gasket that was there look flat. What could be proper gasket? Does the gasket have some extra size around the cylinders to compensate the drop on the block?

Sorry my bad explanation but I lack technical words in English to explain it in more detail.

Thank you

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Thank you guys.

My engine Nº is FM118720HE. I guess I will need a gasket with some 0.8mm extra for the bores.
Do you have a more specific idea about what gasket shall I get?
For me this is all mew and to be honest I don't know much about these things (yet =) ).

I am also having some problems with the carburetors. I guess I will need to buy new ones. There are some parts missing and they look a bit in bad condition. Shall I also get the carbs according to my engine number?
If I can ask, shall I get new SU or maybe some other brand? Weber or something else. Any thoughts? Is it worthed?

Thanks again.

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Thanks everybody. I already got it. Now regarding engine I am just looking forward to get some more info about carbs and filters. I have made another thread for that topic.

At the end, when everything will be ready, I will post some pics here from the engine bay and get some hints as well =)


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