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Head Gasket - No Wonder It Leaked!!


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As the engine of the 13/60 Convertible (that I have just recommissioned after 17 years in a shed) was unknown, I had decided to run the car for a while and see what problems arose and then deal with them rather than strip it down perhaps unnecessarily.  
The compression reading was down in the 3rd and 4th cylinders and leaking oil out of the side of the head gasket.  I suspected a possible warped head or a blown head gasket.  Took the head off the engine today and was amazed to find a pice of copper wire sandwiched between the upper part of the gasket and the head, as shown in the photo.  Probably left behind by some previous bodge artist.  Luckily it does not appear to have damaged anything and I have a lead free replacement head and a new set of gaskets at the ready so will proceed to fit that tomorrow.  Vigilence is always needed when reassembling to ensure such foreign bodies do not stow away therein.

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