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head gasket problems


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Racked up another 350 miles on the Herald and thought I would check the oil, only to find out sludge in the rocker cover.  It must be the head gasket because I have also noticed the car using a bit of water.

I am getting the bits Tomorrow so will have a busy day.

Whilst the heads off, I may aswell go the full hog and do the mains and big ends.

Does anyone know the torque settings for the head bolts and crankshaft bearings?

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white sludge in the rocker cover is quite normal its due to the condensing water vapour emulsifying in cold zones of the engine ,, nothing to do with head gaskets failing
if you are  consuming coolant and there are no obvious leaks look more carefully at all the system  
you can improve the hair lcream effect  it by lagging the rocker cover, or fit a short baffle to the front to deflect cold fan air from cooling the tin cover..  fit an ally cover that soaks more heat from the engine
or take the fan off on cold days   or just use it in the sunshine  
to get any coolant in the sump oil has to be a pretty serious catestrophic   failure  
and if you are doing a rebuild can i suggest a manual on your Easter wish list,,, could prove useful     Pete

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