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Core plug no more


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Hi all,

After finally getting full throttle on the Spit I took her out for a blast with my nephew (trying to get him to not just appreciate just new things) and she pulled really well, in fact surprisingly well. She kicks a bit of oil out of the breather when revved hard but all the compressions are good plus even and there's a little bit of pinking but then I set the timing with super unleaded and now have the normal stuff in so I hope some good fuel will sort that.

Anyway about a mile from home on a straight country road I though I'd give her some wellington boot and at about 75mph I got a large puff of smoke/steam into the cabin so eased off and noticed the temp gauge rising. Upon immediately pulling over and putting some extra water in I noticed one of the core plugs behing the inlet manifold bypass pipe had made a bid for freedom and was no doubt on the road somewhere.

Anyway, my question is should I replace all the core plugs and having not done any since I was a kid and a friend had a Morris Oxford we prepared for winter I was after some advice.  Do you just clean the bore, add some gasket sealant to the core plug and drift it in with some wood?



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